• Anonymous asked: What do you love the most in architecture? Favorite Architect? Favorite Project? What do you hate the most in architecture? I'm really interested in the answers. =P
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    What do you love the most in architecture?

    I stared at your question for sometime before I could think of an answer, and i’m not sure I have one. What does a chef love about cooking, what does an author love about writing? What do some of you love of about tumbling?

    I suppose I love the variety in it, that it simultaneously represents culture, society, the contemporary world we are constructing. The way light hits a facade, a detail is expressed, how one commission can turn the economics of a city.

    It can be something different to everyone who interacts with it.

    Favorite Architect?

    I may just be reeling from my thesis but SHoP is my current favorite.

    Favorite Project?

    Again this changes but I always come back to Villa Savoye and Villa Dall’ava. They represent larger ideas of discourse and are nicely executed and interestingly similar as a pair.

    What do you hate the most in architecture?

    That architects have retreated since modernism and the profession has fractured into many aspects. Certain firms are expected to do certain work and be perceived a certain way. But mostly it is unwillingness to take on responsibility (refer back to SHoP) which has pushed architecture to the edges.

    Check out Rory Hyde’s book Future Practice: Conversation at the edge of architecture

    Thanks for your interest!


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