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Aug 31

One more trip through Newark; one more plane home.

Lots of photos to come.

Aug 29

Why do all good things have to end?

Why do all good things have to end?

Aug 28

Deep-fried Mars bar!

Holy crappers, they are good.

Aug 26

Today I saw my first Enric Miralles piece of architecture; the Edinburgh Parliament building.


Aug 25

Today I was on platform 9 3/4

Aug 24

6 years old today.

Aug 23

Shard, Gherkin, Lloyd’s of London, St. Paul’s cathedral, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Design Museum, South walk on the Thames. Lester Square, Westminster Abby, 10 Downing Street, London eye, London City Hall.

And got lost on the tube…

Aug 22

To all the Glaswegians out there, I spent all day in your city and loved every minute of it.

Tomorrow we leave for London.

Aug 21

I’m stuck in Newark airport watching U.S. News

Let us talk -

Today is airport day.